SC7 Series Ultrasonic Water Meter

SC-A series residential water meter is a new generation of intelligent ultrasonic water meter independently developed by Weihai Ploumeter Co.Ltd, based on the original market demand, optimize and improve the appearance, performance, process cost, and maintainability.

The product is exquisite in appearance, compact structure, low installation environment requirements and meets the needs of industrial and personal consumer users. It is a cost-effective residential ultrasonic water meter.

  • Industrial aesthetic design, exquisite appearance, compact structure, precise measurement.
  • No moving parts, wear-free ultrasonic technology.
  • Low initial flow, effectively reduces the measurement loss.
  • Free positioning for installation without impacting its accuracy, especially for the sub-meter where need to be installed close to the wall.
  • The special design to avoid the air inside the meter on the top.
  • Easy maintenance, the cover of the water meter housing is fixed by a plastic buckle instead of screw.
  • Be available for domestic cold water (T30/T50℃) service in 15mm and 20 mm diameters.
  • Temperature inspection and low temperature alarm.
  • IP 68 water-proof.
  • Approved and certified under MID European standards and ISO 4064: 2014.
  • Wide communication possibilities
Metrological class Class 2 (according to ISO 4064: 2014 / OIML R49: 2013)
R value (Q3/Q1) R250
Pressure loss (kpa) 40
Flow rate maximum reading (m3) 99999.99999
Nominal pressure (bar) 16
Medium temperature range (℃) T30 (std), T50 (opt)
Ambient operating temperature (℃) -25~+55℃
Protection class IP68
Power supply 3.6V lithium battery
Battery lifetime 7 years (std), 10 years (opt)
Interface Optical, M-Bus
LoRa (private 470Mhz)
Technical Data
Nominal diameter 15mm 20mm
L(mm) 165 190 / 195
L1(mm) 97 97
L2(mm) 259 294 / 299
H(mm) 91 91
H1(mm) 31 28
W(mm) 90 90
Threads meter G3/4B G1B
Threaded tailpiece R1/2 R3/4


Nominal diameter 15mm 20mm
Overload flow rate (Q4)       m³/h 3.125 5
Nominal flow rate (Q3) m³/h 2.5 4
Transitional flow rate (Q2) m³/h 0.016 0.026
Minimum flow rate (Q1) m³/h 0.01 0.016
Q3/Q1: 250

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